Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Warm rain today; sometimes lots accompanied by wind. Then bright sun. Tonight we had that funny filtered greenish light, where the sun is bright but there are lots of dark, dark clouds just waiting to get in its way.

After dinner Liam insisted that he had to go outside. Usually he wants to run around or throw the ball for Mollie. Today he wanted to plant in the garden. Digging and planting. (Mollie wanted to be inside -- she's a smart dog, it was at best 50 degrees and threatening.)

Will has been having some good days -- feeling better, had a very positive check-up on Monday. Now it is just continue this course of iv antibiotics and hope that when he stops them in mid-May the blood infection (if there ever really was one) doesn't come back. And that the dosing for his blood thinning medications can be worked out so his level isn't bouncing around quite so much. And the clots go away. At any rate -- it's a much improved picture from a few weeks ago for which we are so very grateful.

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mekate said...

So happy for the positive update!
About next week....
I'll be in Vancouver WA next tuesday night through saturday early morning- I've got dinner dates wed and thurs but would move things if you're around. I am at a customer site all day those days.

DO NOT make a special trip for me-- I'll be a newt from my long days and I'll be back up there at some point. My dearest friend lives in Yakima.

love to you,