Thursday, February 25, 2010

Liam is still interested in whales

 These photos are from a month or so ago, I think.  We have at least half a dozen non-fiction, kid oriented books about whales and half a dozen more fiction.  The whales are a regular feature around the house, and every night at bath time.  Liam's favorite is "orca whale" and we enjoy this beautifully illustrated book (it looks better in person than in the picture) and this one too.  He likes humpback whales too, and narwhals, but not gray whales so much. 

We're all hanging in there this week.  I've been super busy at work, and still won't bill all the hours I should this month.  Will is back on inhaled colistin, which is really hard on him but does seem to make the fevers go away.  Pulmonary clinic on Monday, so we'll see what they think.

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