Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiny Frosted Cupcakes

I'm not sure exactly how this got started, but we ended up making the mini multi-colored cupcakes from last February's MS Living magazine today.  Saturdays I try to do a kitchen project with Liam.  Usually it's cookies, but today he asked for cupcakes and when I asked him what color frosting he said some version of: Yellow!  No! Purple!  No! Orange! No! Green! No! Yellow! Yellow!  Purple!  So, it sort of snowballed from there. Liam is, well, let's just say very interested in frosted cupcakes, especially the frosting.  (Yes, I think that is a fingerprint in one of the purple cupcakes; we're working hard on "Look with your eyes only!" but have a way to go.) 

I thought we might use this project to help Liam learn more about mixing colors.  He knows all his colors well, but doesn't know much about mixing them. Turns out, neither do I.  I mixed blue with orange expecting to get some kind of green and ended up instead with some kind of brown.  Not nice. Will was called to color consult after that, and we went forward without further surprises.

They are dangerously tiny and delicious, these little frosted cupcakes.  I guess tomorrow we probably better pack some up and bring them to the neighbors.


tireegal68 said...

Hi, I just found your blog via IVF 40+.
It was sweet to read about the apples and almond butter and made my mouth water. Liam sounds great and so does Will. I hope that Will feels some relief and they find out what is going on with the white blood cells and that Liam continues to be creative in the kitchen and with his eating:)

Anonymous said...

creative way of learning, teaching, and living.