Saturday, November 21, 2009


We're all, finally, home. I had to go far up north for work this morning and was able to pick Will up at the hospital and bring him home after that. He had a portacath installed (not installed, what is the right word? placed, I guess); it is a way that they can provide IV access, hopefully easily and basically whenever needed. Please, if you have a moment, join me in praying to whatever gods or goddesses you pray to that it doesn't get infected and have to be removed on an emergency basis. That would be bad. As long as it works though, I hope it will be very good -- no more picc lines! Easier to arrange IV treatment! Faster discharges from the hospital (we hope)!

So, home, on IV ceftaz for at least another week to treat a few kinds of resistant psudamonous. Coumadin to continue treating the clot from the final picc line. And, I think that's all that's new. The nurse went over all the medications with me when Will was discharged. Holy Mother of God, it's a lot of medications. I don't see how Will keeps track of them all.

Liam was so happy to be home and see Will. And so relaxed (and tired, he was up at 5:30 AM with me this morning) that he went straight to sleep tonight. Looking forward to a day to catch up on grocery shopping, picking up, and just being around the house tomorrow. And the library, maybe; Liam told me that he wants a book about sharks (Why? I'm not interested in sharks.) and that we should "go buy one at the library." Okay.

Wind and rain; rain and wind; wind and rain. Makes one appreciate anew the idea that we're really very close to the (temperate) rainforest and get a lot of it's leftover weather.


mekate said...

So glad you are home!
And absolutely praying to whatever gods might be listening that that is your last trip for a long long time.

happy wind and rain.

mekate said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweet Elizabeth-- I am so GRATEFUL you are my efriend- and someday I hope we'll have tea. or copious amounts of chocolate. or both.

hope you are ok, all of you, including You you.