Sunday, November 15, 2009

Breakfast Update

We are blessed and lucky that when I work and when I stay with Will in the hospital, Liam is cared for my either my parents or Will's. These last few days, Will's parents have had him. Here is the email I received this AM with the Liam breakfast report.
"Liam did not want a scrambled egg...until D came out with, "What, you don't want a chickenberry?" (That is a very old Southern term I haven't heard in years, and I don't know where it sprang from today.) Immediately, Liam said he wanted chickenberries RIGHT NOW. So he ate most of his, and then had a small bowl of cereal like GoGo's. [GoGo is what Liam calls grandpa.] The cereal has a modest number of raisins in it, Liam picked them out first, and then sang, "Raisin bite, raisin bite, where are you?" to the tune one of the Wonder Pets songs."
If you'd like to hear the Wonder Pets song and see how the show is made please click here. Really, why should we be the only people who have it continuously playing in our brains.Things here at the hospital are going fine. Will seems to have turned some kind of corner and is improving. Of course, it's never that uncomplicated, but all in all, things are looking better and I'll post some details soon.

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