Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're home

Will was discharged from the hospital on Friday evening. About twelve days in this time. My parents braved rush hour traffic to go get him so I could pick Liam up at school, for which I am eternally grateful.

Will is still feeling really, really bad. He's on 4L oxygen continuously; this keeps his saturations in the mid 90s, except that they go down to the mid 80s pretty quickly with any activity. Grandpa DM helped me rig up the O2 tubing so I think it works okay. It's only 50 feet, so we move the oxygen concentrating machine and switch to a different set of tubing for when he goes upstairs. As we figure this all out more, I'm sure we'll get a better system. He is feeling crummy enough that he wants to just sleep a lot now.

It has been beautiful fall weather which we've been trying to enjoy. Fall is my favorite season, and I'm hoping to tap into a little bit of that if I can. Liam is on a play outside kick, and all he wants to do is "dig a big hole" (like Mollie the dog) and move the dirt around out of the garden bed, into the path, up onto the porch, etc. His hands turn to ice cubes and he has a complete fit when he is made to come indoors.

Last iv antibiotics tomorrow. Then it's just the oral antibiotics and the fluconazole for the cryptococcus infection. Unless things change a lot, we'll go to clinic probably a week from Monday and see what the doctors think. In the meantime, it's just rest and try to feel better.


IVF 40+ said...

welcome home WIll! So glad to read that you guys are back home again. I hope you get to enjoy the glorious Autumn weather - dirt and all!!
thinking of you

mekate said...

So glad Will is home and so sorry he feels like shit.
It sounds to me that resting might be miraculous since it is so hard in the hospital-- I am just so glad you are all home.

I love fall too, and hope you can spend some time soaking up the beauty of it. Here, each day has such a big change in how things looks, trees change and get bare, our whole back clearing went gold in two days as the ferns turned from their summer green.

Thinking of you and sending love,

elaine said...

It's so good to hear that you are all back home together. I'm hoping that good rest and family love will help with the healing. Take pictures of your "hole digging" boy for us. Moving dirt can be very rewarding when you're
two :-) Love you all, Aunt Elaine