Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trains and Cars

We bought Liam's trains and cars set today. I had done a fair amount of thinking about what kind to get for him and settled on PlanToys. In May we got a coupon for our local toy store that had to be used by the end of August, so I started putting a little bit away each month and today was the day. He likes them already but he'll also grow into them. So far the best things have been carrying them out of the store, unpacking them with Daddy, and having the cows attack the trains and moo at them.

I imagine when he's older they'll be a toy he plays with in his bedroom and can keep all set up however he wants. As it is now, they go in a green bin in the living room when he's done playing. They are crazy expensive, so they better last forever.

Beautiful sky tonight, flat and pale with grades of color up from the horizon from orangish to purpleish to blue. An understated, summer sky. I hear Will reading Liam's new library books up in Liam's room and know exactly what they look like snuggled in Liam's bed waiting for me to come up and do the rocking to sleep, and I can just see the bats starting to come out and zip around in the sky.

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Tina said...

Aww that's so sweet. Your men, they're wonderful. I love the train set, smart purchase, you're totally right he'll enjoy it for years to come!