Friday, July 3, 2009

Just a boy and his broccoli

Liam enjoys harvesting and eating vegetables from the garden very much. He is amazed by the pea pods and strawberries. Thinks the carrots are a miracle. And, today, broccoli, one of his favorite vegetables. It's funny; he doesn't associate the broccoli plants with broccoli until he watches me harvest them. Once that happens he's all over it.

Unfortunately, broccoli doesn't come off the stalk very easily without a knife so Liam ended up with the whole plant. Which he ate all the broccoli florets off of, raw, while I followed him around hoping he wouldn't choke. And then when I had my back turned he picked the zucchini squash flowers.

Other randomness: we are enjoying our rearranged kitchen very much and I would like it even more if it weren't 90 degrees outside (and at least that hot inside). I washed and cut up an entire flat of strawberries today in preparation for making jam. More on that later. And, while at the Farmers Market to buy the strawberries we sat at the same table of a world war II veteran; we talked with him a little, and it turns out he was one of the first Americans into Japan after the armistice and went through Hiroshima on a truck only a week after the bomb was dropped. That is something for the 4th of July, I guess.

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IVF 40+ said...

mmmmmn raw broccoli!!! Happy 4th to you and yours, thanks for all the support.