Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eating and Drumming at 2 Years Old

Will's sister is very nice and today we were emailing and she said what a great eater Liam is. That's so sweet but, really, I think he's pretty typical. Lately the main problem is he has a lot of trouble making up his mind. First he really wants dinner, and then in the very next second he goes nuts and has a total screaming and crying and "no-no-no-ing" meltdown at the mere mention of getting into his highchair.

So, tonight was pretty typical. What we planned and served: stir fried pork and tofu with rice and carrots and pea pods. (It was delicious.) All foods that Liam likes and has eaten before, numbers of time. What he actually ate: raspberries and Greek yogurt and milk. And we had to lure him into the highchair by letting him get the raspberries out of the refrigerator and carry them to the table (with help). He likes to put the raspberries on his fingers like little hats and eat them that way. He thinks that's hilarious.

After "dinner" he did a little drumming on the table with Will. He thinks that is really fun.

Have I mentioned lately that he just adores his Daddy? Really, it's something.

We are looking forward to a visit from two of my father's sisters tomorrow, and a cousin.

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