Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sooner or later it will be done

Work continues on the back patio and the kitchen. It is at that very dangerous about 80% complete stage. This is the stage in any project where it is really easy to say: well, if this is good, think how much better it will be if we only added this, that and some other stuff. And before you know it your house is all torn apart again and your budget is shot. I'm trying to resist.

In the kitchen, what remains is: set the rest of the cabinets (this is mostly two small fill in base cabinets I got to, well, fill in after all the cabinets we already had were moved around); put the counter top on the rearranged cabinet areas, we're going to reuse the counter top we tore off a part of the "old" kitchen; put up shelves for mixing bowls, etc.; re-hang the pot rack; paint; figure out a way to match the tile or do something on the small new area of floor where the back stairs used to be. That's it, I think. I hope. Outside, it is mostly sweeping sand into the cracks between the new pavers and finishing the edges of the patio which will involve renting a special saw, I guess. Liam loves the patio. Previous to this he wasn't allowed in the back yard really at all because it was dangerous, filled with junk and I didn't like to go there. Now he can't get enough of it! We owe great thanks to grandpa DM, grandpa DH and the amazing Auntie Chris who worked and worked to make this a reality for us. Thank you! I'll post project pictures soon.

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mekate said...

the patio looks great!

and to get all metaphorical, sweeping sand in the cracks between the pavers, yeah, I totally get that.


continued luck on your project and thank you for your sweetness,