Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Liam touched a bird today

He spent today with Will's parents and Will's mother reports that he crept up very carefully to the bird feeders and gently touched a pine siskine on the tail. (It hopped to a different perch.) Something about this must have made a big impression on him, because when I got home from Hanford today he told me "buh, buh" which is his "word" for bird. Sweet baby, I love it when he tells me about his days.

Will is sicker and has said he will call the doctors tomorrow. He had another fever today and his oxygen saturation and lung functions are down. Hopefully it won't lead to hospitalization.

My work week: regular office, regular office, Hanford (14 hour day), regular office, Hanford.

Next week: regular office (or maybe Seattle), regular office, Wenatchee overnight, Wenatchee then home (14 hour day), Bellingham (14 hour day).

Week after: regular office, DC, DC, DC, DC.

Sucks. That's for sure.

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mekate said...

Wishing you and Will all the best as you navigate these next few days. I am scared for you since I am ignorant, and I simply wish you well.
Your little one is so incredibly cute. I love visiting although I do not comment. I've left a no strings attached sisterhood award for you on my blog-- I appreciate your kindness so much, and you've offered me such wonderful support and insight, I cannot tell you how much it means to me. Please take care. Warmly, Kate