Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are not disappeared

just quiet. It's been a busy and not busy few weeks and I seem to have fallen thoroughly out of the habit of updating this space. We're all fine. Will continues to feel okay and has even been able to get out rowing occasionally. My work is distressingly slow when means (if I'm lucky) it will really pick up and I'll spend the rest of the year climbing out of the hole created by the first part of the year. Oh the joy of billing by the hour. Liam is good, growing like a weed and starting to experiment with new sounds and, even more, with running and climbing. The weather has been crazy. Those are the highlights, I think.

Grandpa DM is recovering very well from fairly major surgery -- I stopped by the hospital to visit him today and he looks great. We're hoping and praying that this continues and that he is home soon (maybe this weekend). Auntie Chris is visiting and impressing us all with her energy and patience with driving back and forth, here and there, and generally being her practical, helpful self.

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