Monday, December 29, 2008

Will is in the hospital

I think this is the first time he has been admitted since we started this blog. (Which is amazing, when you think about it---it's truly wonderful that he'll be in the hospital only, I think, twice this whole year.) One of the reasons I decided to start and try to maintain this space is to have an efficient way to update friends and family when Will's health gets more complicated than usual. So, here's the update:
  • Will has had high fevers (in excess of 102 degrees F) almost daily for about 10 days. He has been very congested, had an upset stomach and overall felt crummy.
  • Today was a regularly schedule clinic appointment for him---when he arrived at the hospital his lung functions were down some but, more worrisome, his blood oxygen level was very low, in the low 80s when measured. He felt exhausted to walk around the hospital after days on relative inactivity at home.
  • They admitted him and did a bronchoscopy. Based on the samples they collected from inside his lungs, the docs suspect a bacterial infection that has not yet progressed to pneumonia. This is, basically, good news (if being in the hospital with a lung infection ever can be thought of as "good news") assuming the bacteria are sensitive to antibiotics. They'll know more about that in a day or so as the cultures of the stuff they took from Will's lungs today start to come back.
  • They've drawn blood to test for blood infection (sepsis) and will run virology to look for Epstein Barr virus and Cytomegalovirus. We won't know those results for a day or so.
  • Will also was somewhat dehydrated, so they've been giving him a lot of fluids.

When I talked with him tonight he sounded okay and said he was pretty comfortable and planning to rest. I'll go up tomorrow to keep him company and hear first-hand whatever the docs have to say. Stay tuned and please keep Will in your prayers and thoughts; he has been really feeling yucky and it's a crummy time of year to be in the hospital.

In other news: I managed to get all the Christmas cards finished and sent last night and most of the thank you notes finished tonight to be sent tomorrow. Amazing.

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Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about this! Please let me know if there is anything I can do--I am close! :)

Take care,