Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today's update

In the good news department: Will’s oxygen requirements have decreased, he’s now on only 3 L delivered by nasal canula.

In the not so good news department: they’re following Will for at least five different things, all individually serious. The parainfluenza pneumonia they don’t have any proven treatment for, so they’re hoping it runs its course and goes away quickly. The bacterial infection/pneumonia, with likely is pseudomonas aeruginosa, they are treating with IV and inhaled antibiotics. The aspergilus/fungal infection is being treated with an anti-fungal. And then, today, they cultured shell vial for cytomeglovirois and so began treatment with gancyclovier, a powerful antiviral. Also today, will cultured positive for c difficile an intestinal bacterial infection that is very present in hospitals and associated with, surprise, treatment with powerful antibiotic therapy. So, he gets a different, oral, antibiotic for this.

The report from grandpa DH who spent the day with him and his nurse who I just talked with is that Will feels thoroughly crummy and is very sick, but stable. So, hopefully all these medications will start to do their job and he will feel better tomorrow morning.

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Lisa said...

Take care of yourself Elizabeth!!