Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've noticed that all our photos of Liam look basically the same

or are taken in one of four locations: the highchair, being held in the living room, looking out the dining room window at the birds, or playing on the stair landing. This is the product of (1) a small house; what you see is what there is except for the bedrooms upstairs, where we don't spend a lot of time except for diaper changing (not photogenic) and sleeping; (2) it is winter and we have only about 6 hours of daylight a day, so these are the places in the house that are bright enough to (sort of) support photography; and (3) Liam is in almost continuous motion this means that unless Will is interacting with him, or he is safely strapped into his highchair, I seldom have my hands free to take pictures and he's not still for them anyway.

So, today it is still more pictures of the highchair and the dining room window. Will has been steadily cleaning up Liam's haircut and I think he is starting to be happy with it. (It looks great, if you ask me.)

Highlights of this weekend: Saturday Liam had his first play date at home. O and O's parents came for brunch. This was surprisingly stressful because Liam started sobbing (stranger anxiety) as soon as they got inside the gate and, basically, never quite calmed down fully. Also, I accidentally tripped O while we were walking back from the park (well: I was holding Liam and couldn't see him or my feet and he walked into me, is what happened, but he did fall down; although he didn't cry or get hurt at all) and I'm worried his mother (who is wound tight) might be unhappy with me. Otherwise it went okay except they asked to see the entire house and wanted to look in all the bedrooms (which are, generally, a mess). We'll see how this relationship works out. Today it poured down rain pretty much all day so we took Liam to the children's museum. Crowded, but he really likes the trains and it is a bigger and carpeted space for him to run around in.

Busy week coming up this week, but I'll try to keep this space up to speed.

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