Thursday, December 25, 2008


We didn't get a lot of photos of Christmas with my camera today. I was just off the photography I guess. But, it was a lovely day. Besides all the lovely and generous gifts (Too many! As usual!)there was so much big and small to be thankful for.
  • Despite his continuing high fever and looking like he feels like crap Will says he thinks he's getting better. I hope so. He sits eating fruit candy (thanks Santa!) and shivering away in his hat on the sofa next to me.
  • Grandpa DH and GG are both feeling better and were able to navigate the roads without incident and make it over for a very relaxed Christmas morning.
  • Liam went all day---and it was a full day---without a single tantrum or meltdown of any size or substance. He kept busy ferrying all the gifts small enough for him to carry from the tree to their recipient.
  • White Christmas here in the Pacific NW. As sick as I am of the snow, how often will we be able to say that. The sun came out finally today and it was beautiful. Plus, knock wood, it appears that no pipes have frozen.

Merry Christmas everyone. Grandpa DM and Grandma KM we can't wait to see you in a few weeks and it was great to "chat" with you over the Internet today.

Photos are: Liam watching intently to see which is faster, new plastic airplane or new plastic front-end loader; playing with the "age 3 and up" toys from his stocking; white Christmas; and pointing out that birds are eating dinner too!

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