Thursday, December 4, 2008


We've been working on our Advent calendar (thanks Grandma K). So far, Liam is not as interested in opening the little doors as I am. Although, Dec. 2 was a ball, or maybe a Christmas ornament, and he thought that was okay; and today was a deer, which he thought was cool. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. (Photo shows the calendar on Sunday, before we started opening the doors.)

In other news: haircut for Liam today. Will cut it. If Liam would only hold still for 30 seconds, I might be able to get a photo. I think it will require some clean up (one whole side is noticeably longer than the other), but it accomplishes the main goals for now: less hair in eyes and fewer tangles. Liam is not wild about having his hair fiddled with.

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