Thursday, November 6, 2008

We've had an eventful week

let's see, where to start. Monday, honestly, I can't even remember a single thing about Monday, except going to the grocery store at 9:30 PM after Liam was finally asleep to get milk because we were out and needed it for the AM. And Will made pea soup. Tuesday Liam spent his first morning at the nanny-share family. I guess it wasn't a total disaster, but close. Liam cried all morning. For 30 minutes straight after I left at 8:30 AM and then on and off until I arrived to pick him up at 12:15 PM. (He was sniffling when I arrived.)

So, the nanny-share family is a little put off, I guess, by us. Today Liam had his second morning there, and Will went with him to try to ease the transition. Will said Liam cried some, but also played pretty well with the other child and the nanny. They were supposed to go back tomorrow, but I got a phone message from the nanny-share family mother about what a hard day Liam had had and how she thought we should take tomorrow off. So, it remains to be seen whether we have been un-invited from the nanny share. I guess I'll call them later.

Tomorrow is my all day mandatory work retreat in Seattle. It's pouring down rain and has been for about 24 hours; can't wait to see what that does to traffic!

I tried to capture Liam experimenting with what he can and cannot do on the stairs. Besides working on going up and down (this is the only circumstance in which he will voluntarily hold hands), he will get on his knees and put his hands out and then wheelbarrow out, put his feet down, then back up, then go backwards. I used to take pilates back when I had a life of my own, and I think that kind of stuff is pretty hard. Liam seems just curious about it. What does the nanny-share family know, anyway; we think he's fine just the way he is.

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