Saturday, November 8, 2008

Liam is not flying the airplane, he is mad at the tape measure

We try to get good pictures of Liam for these posts, even though my photography sucks. (Although, today I came across some tips for food photography when looking for vegan recipes for Dave's granddaughters who are visiting next weekend---one can't eat dairy; the other is veg, so vegan seemed the safest way to go; also, of course, the most humane way and we all should eat that way even though I'm not person enough to start. I'm so excited about the food photography tips, because hopefully I'll be able to take viewable pictures of all the stuff I'll make over the holidays.) And, we're blessed and lucky that Liam, even with his very strong personality and rather touchy temperament, is basically a pretty happy little kid most of the time. Even so, this is what he often looks like---some version of frustrated, angry, tired, or unhappy about something.

In this photo he is mad because, I'm not sure I remember exactly, something to do with wanting to play with the tape measure but the tape measure wasn't doing what he wanted and so now he is grabbing my leg and screaming and I'm supposed to. . .not sure what; pick him up and wrestle the tape measure into submission I guess. Anyway, I was trying to get some pictures of him flying his wooden airplane. He holds it sideways over his head and spins in a circle and makes an airplane noise until he falls down. Very cute. I'll try again tomorrow.

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