Monday, November 10, 2008

How to Eat Dinner if You're 16 Months Old

First, talk Mommy into bringing Bobble Head down to dinner with you so you can make sure that Bobble Head gets enough to eat. (Liam got this the night we went to the Mariner's game for my work, and occasionally becomes obsessed with it. It's not a toy -- it probably weighs 2 pounds and has numerous sharp edges and corners. Still. . .I bring it down to have dinner with him because the lack of sleep has finally caused me to lose my mind entirely.)

Next, ask Daddy for a cookie. What? No cookie? Come on, it's for Bobble Head.

See if you can finally get Mommy and Daddy to agree that the food should go in your nose. What? It really doesn't go in your nose? What about your hair?

Make sure Bobble Head gets enough to drink.

Look with suspicion at the green pea pod Daddy is trying to get you to eat. Really? Pea pod?

Explain to Daddy that the pea pod would go over better if it came with some "stars" (puffed corn or something like that crackers; Liam loves them).

Finally, take a bite of dinner. Okay. Now, do it all over again for the second bite. You would think this would tire him out and make bedtime easier. . ..

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