Thursday, October 16, 2008


No pictures because the battery in my camera is still dead, but I promise I'm going to get up off this couch immediately and put the battery in to charge. Right after I type this. . ..

We're all okay here. Liam seems to be recovering very well from his surgery; still taking the infant Tylenol drops before bed, but that's it, nothing else for a few days now and it hasn't seemed like he needs it. He had a great time at "book babies" (aka, "story hour") at the library with GG and even got up and played with some of the other kids, and he is reported to be active and happy during the days, and he's eating like a little boy and hasn't had a fever, so, I hope we're good.

Will is still feeling not great and is congested. We won't know the CMV results probably until Monday; hopefully it will be good news (i.e., less to no CMV; no EBV). He doesn't feel well enough to row, which sort of causes a little cascade of not feeling well. . .I hope it gets better soon. Emma my parents' dog is staying with us this week and Will took her and Mollie for a walk together this evening which is a big help because it means Emma won't hop hop from one feet to the others tonight when I am trying to work. Instead, she'll sleep like a little puppy on the couch. Good Emma. I have an unplanned and very complicated bid to get done in the next few days at work, that on top of various project wrap up and project start up stuff that all has been more demanding than I expected (isn't it always. . .I used to be MUCH better at juggling all this). Hopefully by the end of the month when Auntie Chris visits things will have slowed down for me.

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