Thursday, October 2, 2008

Liam was inordinately happy tonight

And, man, when he is happy, he is really happy. Loved the car ride home from GG and Grandpa DH's, loved his dinner, about went crazy for the peach Will gave him for dessert, ran around the house wanting Will and me to chase him and just squealed with glee when he was caught. He is, I think, really getting ready to start to talk. Tonight he spent at least 20 minutes yelling "da, da, da" in a very loud voice and wandering around after Will. Such a sweet baby. He just woke up (only the second wake up since bedtime tonight) and when I was putting him back to sleep I realized his hair still smells like peach. (We do bath him. . ..)

I am so, so very grateful for Edith the wonder house cleaner -- she is amazing. The place is so much more habitable, it's almost as if we still had a chimney!

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