Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Helping Mommy Sweep

Today's events:

  • Blood test -- Will; please hope that the CMV is on the way out, that the EBV stayed away and that Will feels better soon, he's still congested.
  • Packing for Hawaii -- my parents; let's hope they have a fantastic and relaxing trip.
  • Trip across town to get settled at our house for a week -- Emma, my parents SWD.
  • Potty in the potty (twice!) -- Liam, well, you know, we all went too at different times, but that's less remarkable.
We are so excited about the prospect of Liam being potty trained, even as the prospect of going about it is daunting.

Liam is getting more and more interested in what we do, and for a while now he has been very interested in sweeping. Tonight he really wanted to "help" me sweep up after Mollie. Unfortunately, his helping involves grabbing the broom about 6-8 inches above the, what is the bottom of the broom called? The foot? Anyway, he grabs it and wants to swing the whole thing around and it's dangerous and ineffective from a sweeping standpoint. Will got the idea to shorten the handle on the Swiffer and -- voila! -- a "broom" just Liam's size. He thought it was great.

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