Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Friend & Updates

When Liam was born our neighbor across the street gave him a yellow fleece blanket that came with this little half blanket/half creature called "first friend." Liam has been interested in it off and on, and we auditioned it as his lovey a while back with no luck. But, for some reason he has really taken to it in the past few days and has been carrying it around the house and snuggling it. Maybe we've found the "lovey" at last. (Although today my parents got him a stuffed yellow duck and he has been carrying that around instead, so maybe not.) Full disclosrue: these pictures are from yesterday, I didn't have time to take any pictures today.

When I was a kid I couldn't spell at all (Still can't really; I suspect from all the transposing I still do of Ps and Bs and other letters, especially when I'm tired, that I had some sort of undiagnosed dyslexic-type syndrome.) and once wrote a note that was meant to say "Noel is a great friend" but instead said "Noel is great fried." I still remember how hard her grandmother laughed at me and how I really couldn't figure out what the problem was, because I had tried to get the letters right even though I knew I wasn't positive how to spell the word. So much for sharing my feelings. "First friend" makes me think of that.

In the updates department: tomato sauce is finally made and canned or frozen, if my food photos weren't so depressingly bad, I'd post a picture. The Halloween lights are up but not plugged in, getting closer at least. Will hasn't been feeling great and has moved on from computer stuff to re-wiring (again) the lights etc. on the motorcycle "for the last time" so it really works and is reliable. (Sunday he was stranded after rowing with a wiring problem that took 2 hours or something to fix.) He is now, right now, out in the garage working on it. Nutty. I'm not sure what all is going on. He did get a new compressor to replace the melted down one (and fixed the melted down one to use for something else, air brushing paint maybe), so he's back to daily hypertonic saline treatments; hopefully those will help him feel some better at least.

Raining here today and meant to rain all week. Tonight Mollie was so covered in mud when I got home from work that all her white parts were gray/brown. I cleaned her off as best I could, but she has already made a dirt pile on the living room floor and, while I was just now upstairs putting Liam back to sleep, has put muddy paw and body prints on the sofa. Sigh.

Edit: I don't know why this is appearing before the post from yesterday. Oh goody, a new thing to learn, how to make this work right. . ..

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