Sunday, October 26, 2008

Easter in October

I think we'll start a new tradition. We had a (only slightly) modified version of our typical Easter menu tonight: ham, scalloped potatoes, biscuits with honey, green beans (for Easter we have asparagus), and apple, cranberry, pecan salad. Worked just fine as a late October menu. The only other difference was that we had ice cream sundaes for dessert instead of chocolate Easter bunnies. Liam pretty much ate some of all of it, but he liked the biscuits the best. (He had his without honey.)

Then Will and Will's father (Grandpa DH) gave Liam his bath, and I rocked him to sleep. (45 minutes of rocking tonight, but, as Auntie C pointed out earlier, I did let him have bites of ice cream at 6:15 PM.) He was a dear, sweet snugly baby; just couldn't fall asleep.

Liam's hair smelled like peach to me. Funny, we haven't had peaches in the house for over a month. You know how it goes, one weekend the farmer's market has bins and bins of peaches, and then, all of a sudden, they're GONE and no more until next year. Always seems to happen without any warning. I don't know why Liam would smell like peach to me, unless it's just some sort of memory of what he smelled like in the summer. We don't have any peach-flavored shampoo or anything like that.

Will still feels pretty congested and crummy. He has his doc appointment and testing tomorrow and is hoping to be able to stay out of the hospital and that whatever is going on can be figured out quickly and treated easily.

Photos are: waiting for dinner; still waiting for dinner (but closer!); and the beautiful plant/leaf thing Auntie C imprinted on the butter so it would look "pretty."

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