Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today's Activities

Today included:

  • Trips to Target (AM) and the park (PM)
  • Viewing of a new Baby Einstein video about farm animals (Liam was interested for about half the approximately 20 minute length; Will for slightly longer)
  • Playing in water in the sink, and Mollie's water outside (got very wet and messy)
  • 2.5 hour afternoon nap
  • Not a very good breakfast or lunch, but an enormous dinner of: yogurt and nectarines, green beans, cheese pizza, and baby macaroni and cheese (from a jar), and milk

Photos are:

  • Liam and Daddy at the park getting ready to throw the ball for Mollie
  • Liam and Daddy reading
  • A rare glimpse of Liam and Mommy (also at the park)

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