Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rowing! And, Liam has a cold. . ..

A quick Will update. Will has been rowing almost every day for the past month and has gained at least 5 pounds of solid weight and feels so much better. The rowing is so, so good for him. He is convinced that the exercise in the salt air (Will rows on salt water in the beautiful Puget Sound.) helps significantly with airway clearance and, of course, the exercise itself helps both his body and his mind. I am so grateful that Will has this in his life and that he is willing, and even enjoys, keeping at it. He is scheduled to row in a race this weekend -- 8 miles! He has been practicing the course and feels good about it, so we'll let you know how it goes and try to get some pictures. Yesterday Will was coming in just as Liam and I were headed home so we stopped at the boathouse to see him. Liam was fascinated by the boats and so excited to see his Daddy in a new setting. We hope and pray daily that this can continue and continue to be helpful to him and that it will keep him out of the hospital for many months!

Liam has developed a fever (low, but present) and a stuffy nose and was up most of the night with these complaints. He also is still getting 3 teeth at once and is, understandably, unhappy about that. We hope this is a quick event, that Will doesn't get it, and that Liam feels better soon.

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