Sunday, September 7, 2008

Important things to have on hand when you're 14 months old and getting two molars at once...

1. Frozen fruit and ice cubes in a mesh bag for a teething Popsicle.
2. A phone that plays music and a Daddy willing to take you for walks so Mommy can finally have a cup of coffee in peace.
3. Children's' Tylenol, infant drops.

Liam is getting his butt kicked by his teeth these past few days. Last night and Saturday night he was up from about 2:30 to 5:00 (AM!) restless and crying. Finally this morning at around 5:30 I gave him Tylenol infant drops (about 2/3 of a dose) and he was able to go back to sleep. Me, not so much. Today he has been resistant to naps and alternating between fussy and over-tired wacky. Finally napping now; we pray for a solid 2 hours or so of sleep, he needs it.

The phone and Tylenol are unremarkable. The Daddy is wonderful as has been remarked on extensively. The mesh bag is worth a special mention. This is (yet another) example of a baby item that someone gave us that I thought was ridiculous and now love. You can put whatever food you want in it and the baby can suck and eat away with no danger of choking. We use ours almost exclusively for frozen fruit and ice cubes -- it has been a Godsend for the days when Liam's teeth are really bugging him. Ours is like this, except brighter colors. Ours is an older model, but now they're easy to find, made by all the usual suspects in the making-stuff-for-babies corporate world. They're cheap and a great baby gift; I give them to everyone.

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