Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday night walk around

First to the park with Mollie, then to the playground to play on play structure with Daddy, then to the local pizza place to eat dinner, Liam's first dinner out, ever. He liked it just fine, especially the pizza (it may have been his first pizza too). Drinking from the straw also was a big hit. (In the photo, Will and Liam are both looking at Mollie, who has just knocked her water over or something like that.)

We're all fine here. It has been a busy week. Will's rowing is getting faster, Liam is doing well, and I may someday even get caught up at work. We think Liam was inspired by the Olympic coverage on television. He is very interested in the rings, more so than the other play equipment. Will says he holds almost all of his own weight---but of course, his hands aren't really strong enough to test that theory fully yet.

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