Thursday, August 28, 2008

We love to brush our teeth. . .

Liam's favorite part of his bedtime routine is the tooth brushing part. He loves it. I don't know if the brushing feels good on his poor teething gums, or if he really likes the toothpaste, or what but tooth brushing was an immediate hit when introduced and remains a favorite. Our routine is first Mommy or Daddy's turn to do the brushing and then Liam's turn. We know when Liam is done with his turn because he throws the toothbrush on the floor.

PS - Yes, that is part of a chimney in our bathroom. For some reason, it is not enclosed in that room only. The whole chimney is slated to come down to give us much needed room (and less mess) in the bathroom and kitchen --- the house doesn't have a working fireplace any more and the top was already taken down because, among other reasons, it was cracked from the 2002 or whenever it was big earthquake that happened around here.

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