Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Love our Highchair

We live on one income, so we try to be thoughtful about what we buy. Plus, I work in the environmental field and know some of the numbers about how much better it is both for the environment and, generally, for social justice to buy carefully, keep stuff a long time, fix it when it breaks, and get thrifted or used stuff when you can. (If you want to know more about this, I recommend the "Story of Stuff." It has a political overtone that you don't have to agree with to take in the basic message which is: the money we pay for many of the things we buy and then quickly throw away doesn't even begin to cover their true cost to the planet or to the communities in which they are made. Thus ends the sermon.)

Anyway, when Liam was born we got most of his stuff used from the local craigslist or loaned (thanks Meg!) and, because our family and friends are so generous, received a lot of gifts too. But we bought our own highchair, exactly the one I wanted, and it was expensive, and I still love it. It is a Stokke TrippTrapp Chair. Both the seat and the foot rest adjust so Liam will be able to use it until he goes to college, if he wants. (The white safety rail comes off.) And, best of all, it pulls right up to the table, so Liam sits with us, and eats with us, and isn't off on his own with a tray. Find out more including where to get yours if you want one here and here. For us, it was worth every penny. Ours is wood, but in making this link now I wish for the bright green. . .oh well. Yes, Liam does have a wooden truck in his mouth in the photo. Have I mentioned that he is obsessed with the dog?

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