Monday, August 25, 2008

Update of Substance

We are all fine here and enjoying a week or two or however many we get of what feels like normalcy. Will continues to feel pretty good, both lung-wise and psyche-wise, so that's great. He didn't get out to row today; went on the erg a little, but hated it, so hopefully he'll get outside tomorrow. He is pre-occupied with organizing all the music in the house onto his computer and my ipod (this was meant to be a birthday present to me last December). So, that's nice, but, you know how easy it is to get obsessed with a computer-enabled organization project and it's not always the best thing to spend all day doing.

Liam is great, enjoying his new haircut (I think, he doesn't say) and working on his walking. He walked a bunch Sunday night, including walking holding my hand, which normally he is not interested in. He didn't walk so much today. We continue to encourage stacking of blocks, pointing at pictures (where is the bunny? e.g.) and baby sign. He is blessedly sleeping right now and has been for about 2 hours, a good 30 minutes past his usual wake-up #1. So, that's super and I hope the beginning of a trend.

I have a long day at work tomorrow (meetings to the north, which means time in traffic) and a busy week but hope to get a lot done and not have to work too much this weekend. That's it.

Here's a picture of Liam with his other pusher, the one that lives at Will's parents' house, and one of him unpacking the (just put away) toys in the toy cupboard. Thanks grandpa DH and GG for dinner tonight, it was great!

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