Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm traveling for work this week -- all week. We're lucky that I have a good job, and we get a lot of help from our parents taking care of Liam while I'm working, but it's crummy to have to travel. On the bright side, I've finally given in and begun to use one of those rolling suitcases. What a difference. I always, always carry too much work stuff -- papers I think I might want to read, computer, extra battery, etc., etc.. So much better to be dragging my rolling suitcase instead of carrying my (way too heavy) work bag AND another bag. I got my rolling suitcase second hand from my mother. Thanks mom!

I've been having airplane woes lately -- late flights, delayed flights, you know how it goes. Also more frightening stuff. One small plane hit a bird a few months ago and had to return home and land (I missed that meeting). A big plan I was on last month had to do a "go around" on landing (which means some kind of really steep take off just when you thought you were going to---finally---be on the ground) because there was already a plane on the runway it was meant to land on. Last nights' little plane took the strangest route I've ever seen to this place (I'm in Eastern Washington) and then went over and all around the little airport and then turned and turned and finally went in for a bumpy landing. (Maybe they had to go to the other side because of wind, but it didn't seem that windy.)

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