Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It turns out that we have a mouse (or two or three) in the house. He/she/they ate part of a peach off the kitchen counter, part of a butternut squash, and tried to make a home in the broiler drawer of the oven (ICKY!). Will has taken on eviction of the mouse/mice -- so now we have traps everywhere, or at least everywhere in the basement. I'm conflicted about killing the mice instead of live trapping them and releasing them in a nearby greenbelt (my preference); however, after Will investigated the situation, it seems like we have more of a mouse problem than I realized and I can't find my very expensive "Sherman" live traps for mice leftover from when I was practicing to be a wildlife biologist (more on that some other time), so we're officially on mouse death watch. Wish us luck.

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Deron Arnold said...

Good luck with the mice!

They can sure be a nuissance.