Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dog is Delightful

Liam loves Mollie, the dog. He also loves Emma (Grandma K's dog). He loves his flip floppy stuffed dog. He just loves dogs period. The thing that makes him squeal with glee, just beside himself happy, is when Mollie rushes up to the storm door and he is on the other side. This is about as close to Mollie as he generally gets, since she thinks he is too unpredictable to be around and avoids him when they are together inside and confines her engagement to responding to ball throwing (usually with an assist from Will) when they're together outside. It is quite a sound that squealing with glee, I'll miss it when he's grown out of it.

Note Will's big water bottle. The lung transplant saved his life but it didn't cure his CF. (There's no cure -- yet!) So, he loses a lot of electrolytes when he sweats and he sweats more than most so he has to drink lots of water. (It's also important to help protect his kidneys from the damage that the immune suppression drugs want to cause them, not to mention the damage already done by chemotherapy drugs and all that CT contrast.) Lately he's been adding an electrolyte replacement mix to the water, something made for hikers, called Vitalyte (used to be called Gookinaid). He likes it -- says it's just slightly sweet and slightly salty, enough to make it better than plain water but not enough to be annoying or make you thirsty.

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