Sunday, June 29, 2008

Very Hot Day and Liam Meets a Fish

Yesterday was hot (low 90s, which is extreme for here) so we took Liam to a beach/nature center on the shore of Puget Sound where the water is wide and we hoped it would be cooler. (Our local bit of Sound is not too wide and doesn't help too much on truly hot days.) The nature center had some fish tanks set up as tide pools where Liam could touch the water and whatever else he could reach that wasn't going to bit him. (A shiner perch fish nibbled his finger, which was a big hit.) Then out to a cobble beach to toss rocks into the Sound and taste the salt water. Finally home to play on the porch, eat strawberries and climb the rhododendron tree with Daddy. A great day. Today will be even hotter; Mommy is going to work in air conditioned comfort at her office. Liam and Daddy will go to grandma K and grandpa DM to watch boats and hopefully enjoy a cool breeze from the water.

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Deron Arnold said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Aren't kids fun at this age? My 3 year old boys just love the outdoors.
Heard about your site on Nate's blog. I am at the top of the list for lung transplant. I'm curious about the cancers your partner had and how they treated them and how it responded to treatment.